The Loxley Solution

The loxley solution

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

We’ve created the Sympl Care Marketplace, for Michigan providers who agree to publish their cost for specific episodes of care.  Patients who use this have no patient responsibility.

We encourage contracts with payors that reference reasonable rates for each episode of care.  (Reference Based Reimbursement)  

We encourage patients to know the cost of procedure prior to service through our sister company, Sympl Benefits.


We fight for independent provider rights AND new facilities that specialize in better outcomes, lower infection rates, with lower costs through efficiency and proactive care.

We will always strive for full-transparency of insurance company (or TPA) data.  In fact, we require written confirmation that the plan sponsor owns all data prior to contracting.


Professional medical assistance when you need it without making you drive into the office for every question or concern.

Primary Care

We work to build relationships with primary care providers who are not employed by large hospital ecosystems, resulting in unbiased care.

Urgent Care

An ER visit can cost your health plan $1,500 or more. Over 79% of these visits are not life threatening. We've negotiated urgent care visits at less than $200 on average.

Outpatient Surgical Centers (ASC)

On average, all of these options have a lower cost, lower infection rates, and better outcomes than hospitals.

Managing your health

care supply chain

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How we do it

  • Risk transfer (what is the cost of your insurance, is there a better way?)
  • Administration fees (what are you getting?)
  • Employee Education, Engagement & Feedback.
  • Supply Chain Management (Sympl Care Network)
    • Rx (dodging high cost drugs)
    • Pre-negotiated elective procedures @ 40% of Blues, PH, and others. (Sympl Care Network)
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What Loxley Group

Does for You

We define it in a “playbook” for CEOs, CFOs and HR Directors, that:

  • sets a baseline for our own performance (spend = cost per employee per month)
  • designs solution as above 2.b.ii.1. to lower this cost
  • confirms compliance and administrative roles (ours, others, and plan sponsor/client)
  • sets a 3 year action plan (timeline, Rome wasn’t built in a day)
  • adheres to our “Loxley Cycle” (see attached info graphic) for year-over-year consistency.

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